M-PsyC Research

Embedded in a major research university, M-PsyC is committed to responsible, rigorous, multidisciplinary research on psychedelic drugs and the psychedelic experience.

Indeed, M-PsyC was motivated, in part, by cutting-edge research performed by University of Michigan faculty and students, ranging from endogenous synthesis of DMT in neurons, to the neural dynamics of nitrous oxide in primate cortex, to the neural correlates of the Shamanic state of consciousness in humans. We are also committed to research that spans the translational spectrum, from foundational discovery to clinical implementation. This is reflected in the engagement of M-PsyC participants from basic science to clinical care as well as partnerships with the Center for Drug Repurposing and Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research, both resources for translational science at the University of Michigan.

Recent Publications

The following are a sampling of recent work by M-PsyC investigators: